Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions of Use of the Services Provided by Easy Cargo Corp.


Subject to change.*

  1. The CLIENT will supply Easy Cargo Corporation with all the necessary information for the delivery and receipt of the shipments. The data related to the identification, delivery address and contact of the CLIENT are susceptible of modification, reason why any change made directly by the CLIENT will be of its absolute responsibility.
  2. If the CUSTOMER provides incorrect information about the address or any other element necessary for the correct and correct delivery of its shipments, Easy Cargo Corporation will not be responsible for the delays generated by the packages with erroneous information.
  3. If the CUSTOMER does not withdraw its packages in a period of 2 months, a surcharge will be charged for storage, according to the dimensions of the same. The packages will be stored in our warehouses for a maximum of 4 months, if not removed will be given in abandonment and will be notified to the CLIENT by the contact that is kept in the database of customers.
  4. If the Messenger is apersona to the delivery address and the CUSTOMER is not or there is no person authorized to receive the package, proceed to leave a handout indicating the time and date of the visit made. The Messenger will make the delivery attempts on a maximum of three occasions. After the third visit, the customer must remove this package at the offices of Easy Cargo Corporation. If there are special delivery instructions such as days and times, the CLIENT must inform Easy Cargo Corporation.