Subject to change.*

With the acceptance of this agreement the client, hereinafter named THE USER, accepts the terms and conditions herein set forth for services rendered by Easy Cargo Corporation, hereinafter named THE COMPANY.

    1. THE COMPANY shall render the service of P.O. Box in the United States, for the reception of packages and couriers for THE USER and its reception in Panamá.
    2. THE COMPANY reserves the right to outsourcing the merchandise transport to Panama.
    3. THE COMPANY also offers its Courier services for shipments from Panama to other parts of the world. THE USER undertakes to provide all the information requested by THE COMPANY in order to comply with the requirements of the many transportation companies to be used.
    4. THE COMPANY shall provide the customer with the address on the United States. This address may be modified by THE COMPANY. THE COMPANY undertakes to notify THE USER ahead of time so he make the required changes. Written notice shall be sent, detailing the warranty period for the receipt of merchandise to the previous address. After this period, if THE USER uses an obsolete address, THE COMPANY shall not be liable for the merchandise receipt.
    5. THE USER shall not have more than one box. THE USER shall not be allowed to have more than one box, nor shall a box be under the name of more than one user. The box shall be for the exclusive use of THE USER, and packages not labelled with his name.
    6. THE COMPANY shall not be liable for wrong addressing of the merchandise, including cases on which THE USER furnishes incorrect information about the destination address or THE USER´s provider does not label the merchandise correctly.
    7. In the event that the mislabeled package arrives in the box in Miami, and THE USER has been notified of its delivery in the right direction, THE COMPANY is not responsible for the additional time it takes to deliver due to package identification, or if the same cannot be identified.
    8. The purchase or receipt of the merchandise that THE USER addresses to the box shall be his exclusive responsibility, for which THE COMPANY shall not be liable for the economic obligations derived from the payment of products, packaging, insurance and transport of the same from the sender to the assigned box.
    9. THE USER shall personally make the purchase of its merchandise and shall be responsible for payment of the same. THE COMPANY shall be custodian of the merchandise from its delivery in the box in Miami, until delivery to THE USER.
    10. The purchase service shall be made in favor of THE USER with an additional charge for the use of the credit card, however, the responsible for the purchase is THE USER who requests it. THE COMPANY is not liable for the characteristics of the items purchased by THE USER through its services (size or color of clothing, shoes, etc.). In these cases, THE COMPANY shall assist in the claim without taking responsibility for the outcome.
    11. The responsibility of THE COMPANY in the custody of its package, begins once it is received in the Warehouse in Miami. In case of loss of packages without evidence of delivery by the Carrier in Miami, the same shall not be assumed by THE COMPANY, and you must proceed to file a claim to your corresponding supplier, carrier or sender.
      1. The rates shall be calculated based on the weight of the merchandise and its volume. The current rates will be those published on THE COMPANY website at the time of receipt of the merchandise. In corporative cases with special rates, the same can be modified at any time. THE COMPANY shall notify THE USER in these cases.
      2. In case of volumetric weight, the same shall be calculated as: the result of multiplying the measures, in inches, length, width and height of the package and divide it between 166 (Volumetric weight); if it is greater than the actual weight, a charge for the surplus shall be applied according to the current rates.
      3. The rates may be modified by THE COMPANY without prior notice in order to adapt them to the increases of costs of any commercial factor related to the rendering of the service. Those shall be notified by any of our channels of communication with THE USER.


      1. THE USER is responsible for notifying THE COMPANY in writing, at the time of receipt of its merchandise, of any claim on delivery and for up to 5 days. THE COMPANY shall only be responsible in cases where there is no damage due to bad packaging, defective packaging or bad handling verifiable from the sender. THE COMPANY will have 15 business days to respond provided that THE USER has sent all requested information, documentation, invoices and photos within a maximum period of 15 days after the request by THE COMPANY. Failure to send the information within the period described, the claim will be considered without effect. THE COMPANY may request THE USER an extension of 15 business days to respond.
      2. After the period for claim, any claim shall be considered extemporaneous and without any right to compensation.
      3. THE COMPANY assumes no liability for: quality, quantity, brand, factory damage, or any other specification of the merchandise that THE USER acquires or obtains to be transported by THE COMPANY service.
      4. Any claim or dispute must be resolved directly with the seller or business establishment from which THE USER obtained the merchandise.
      5. If you have a claim due to weight or volume, you must return the complete package for verification.
      6. In case THE USER requests that the purchased product be returned to the origin the charges incurred will be borne by THE USER, and must be paid prior to shipment.
      7. If THE USER does not pick up his packages within a period of 1 month, a storage surcharge shall be charged, according to the dimensions of the same. After two months of not removing the package, it is considered that the same was given in abandon, and THE COMPANY reserves the right to dispose thereof.
      8. If the storage service is necessary, THE COMPANY can provide it at THE USER´s request, according to the THE COMPANY´s current rates at the time the service is provided. The payment of storage must be made in a timely manner according to what is agreed upon in the service contract or storage service order.
      9. If THE USER requests the service to re-pack the packages, the service will have an additional surcharge according to the type of re-packing.
      10. In case THE USER allows the use of his address to third parties, the merchandise shall be delivered to the address of THE USER and will be billed to THE USER.


      1. Subscription to the box is free and shall not expire.
      2. The official currency for all transactions made by THE COMPANY on the rendering of services is Balboa.
      3. The payment for the merchandise transport service must be made against delivery of the package if the payment is in cash, check or credit or debit card. In the case of payments by ACH or bank deposit, payment must be made prior to delivery, once you receive notification that your merchandise shall be delivered.
      4. In case of returned checks, a surcharge of B /. 53.50 shall be charged. The amount shall be subject to change.
      5. THE USER with a client history may request a line of credit with THE COMPANY, subject to the credit requirements which shall be presented at the time of the request.
      6. THE USER who has credit line and does not pay in the period set forth in the agreement, hereby accepts to pay a 3% monthly surcharge on the amount owed.
      7. In some cases additional charges may be incurred, such as, pick up service within the United States, costs for logistics services, packing material, surcharge for destination charge, surcharge for paypal payment, extra storage charge in the locker, administrative costs for use of not valid addresses, and any other costs which may arise during the rendering of the service and that is duly supported and/or be requested by the client. The same must be paid against delivery of the merchandise.
      8. THE USER hereby authorizes THE COMPANY to collect any other incidental charges arising directly or indirectly from the handling of its merchandise.
      9. THE COMPANY reserves the right to withhold shipments addressed to THE USER whose payments could not be effective. And THE USER accepts this condition.
      10. In the case of ACH payments in which the payment receipt has been sent, but the transaction is not consummated, any other package shall be retained until the payment made is reflected.


      1. THE COMPANY is not liable for costs related to special customs procedures. They must be previously requested and quoted separately.
      2. THE USER shall be responsible and shall refund the value of the expenses incurred by THE COMPANY as result of his request.
      3. In case that additional documentation be required, you must notify it prior to your purchase and shipment.


      1. Fragile items such as mirrors, screens, other objects of glass, or other objects considered fragile or of special handling must come packaged properly and according to their size. Small objects must be packed in boxes with protective material to cushion the handling of the same by the shipper and the warehouse. In case of glasses, the same must be delivered in wooden boxes. In all cases it must be duly identified as fragile.
      2. THE USER represents to know the legal and administrative restrictions to which their shipments may be subject. If THE USER sends hazardous products without prior notice, we are not responsible for their handling. Shipping of the following products: explosive, corrosive, flammable, money, jewels, securities, contaminants, pornographic material, perfumes, aerosols, flammable liquids, cleaning materials, chemicals and others can cause special handling costs and/or special permits that THE USER hereby undertakes to cover. The shipment of: ammunition, firearms parts shall not be carried out.
      3. In the case of makeup, perfumes, cosmetics or items of personal use, we are not able to import more than two (2) or three (3) items per packaging, and the items should be different from one another in each package. It’s preferrable to notify previusly to the purchase of such items, in order to reduce the posibility of inconveniences to the minimum.
      4. THE USER must consult before shipping flammable or dangerous material. THE COMPANY shall not be liable for the handling of the same in case THE USER sends it without notification to THE COMPANY.


      1. THE COMPANY shall offer home delivery service for THE USER packages, free of charge, exclusively within the metropolitan area. To confirm if your address is included within our free delivery services contact us through any of our contact channels. You must provide the complete address, and you shall get an answer within one business day.
      2. THE USER shall furnish THE COMPANY with all the necessary information for the delivery and reception of his shipments. The data related to the identification, delivery address and contact of THE USER are subject to change, so any changes made directly by THE USER shall be at your absolute responsibility. THE USER must first notify THE COMPANY of any change in his address for receiving merchandise.
      3. If THE USER supply incorrect information about the address or any other elements necessary for the correct and timely delivery of his shipments, THE COMPANY shall not be responsible for the delays caused by packages with incorrect information.
      4. If the Deliveryman goes to the delivery address and for some reason was unable to make the delivery, an electronic notification shall be sent indicating the time, date and reason for which the delivery could not be made. The Deliveryman shall make the delivery attempts on a maximum of two occasions. If delivery is not possible after the second attempt, THE USER must pick up that package at THE COMPANY offices. If there are special delivery instructions such as days and times, THE USER must inform THE COMPANY.
      5. If THE USER is notified that his package may be delivered that day and does not confirm availability prior to the Deliveryman’s dispatch to his route, it shall be placed for dispatch for that route later.
      6. THE USER shall sign a digital or physical note to the Deliveryman confirming receipt of the Package.
      7. Home delivery service includes cargo for a maximum of 400 lbs. If the cargo of THE USER exceeds this weight he must either pick up it directly from our branch or coordinate an external transport at his own expense, it shall previously notify proper identification of the person to whom it shall be delivered. THE COMPANY reserves the right of non-delivery to a person whose identification has not being previously notified, in case of being other than THE USER.





    THE COMPANY reserves the right to terminate the service to THE USER in case the same, in his operation and manners with THE COMPANY, display staff mistreatment, lack of respect and ethics, recurring payment problems and/or other situations that generate discontent and distrust in the rendering of the service.